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Accelerating Gender Balanced Leadership

A Quarterly Tracker

March 2020

Tracking The Ecosystem

Happy Women’s Day to All!

Women becoming mainstream in the economic growth of society is now an undeniable reality. They are coming out in large numbers armed with education and the willingness to make a mark in the world. They are breaking grounds in all possible areas and fields – from defence forces to sports to entrepreneurship.

Until recently, this was made possible quite organically either by unconscious enabling or by meeting of opportunities with talent. But the impediments and biases faced by women were not addressed consciously, which has resulted in poor integration of women at the workplace. We are fortunate now to be in the stage of evolution that is now “conscious enabling”. This is the era when there is conscious attempt to shift gears so that women are better integrated in the workplace and in all walks of life.

We, at TalentNomics India, firmly believe in looking to the future with optimism and creating tools to help achieve our ambitious goals. In that spirit, we have prepared a roadmap for organizations, individuals and policy makers to enable their journey towards gender equity – We are making available our White Paper, “Re-imagining A Gender Balanced Leadership Canvas”. We are hopeful that this simple tool will mobilize a movement towards a more gender balanced world. We are happy to support every individual and organisation with the implementation of these small steps to make big mindset shifts.

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Updates from TalentNomics India

CruciBold 2020 Commences with 2-day Sessions

We are delighted to have commenced our 12-month Leadership and Mentoring Course for 17 bright, young women leaders from 11 companies.

The sessions were inspirational, enlightening and empowering. We had 2 panel discussions – one on “Global Leaders in Modern Organisations: Opportunities, challenges and how women can succeed” and the other on “Building your personal brand and navigating gendered expectations”. Extremely grateful to our esteemed panellists who shared most valuable insights and wisdom from their experiences - the amazing women leaders and role models - Minal Srivastava, Radha Mukherji, Shilpa Ajwani and our male allies- Padmabhusan Rajendra Pawar, Padamshri Saurabh Srivastava, Image Consulting Guru Dilip Cherian and Dr Rajat Kathuria.

How Enabling is Your Workplace for Women - Would you like to know?

Perception survey of employees now running for select sectors and companies.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to assess how “women friendly” is your organisation or sector.

5th Annual Conference
(2020) Announced!

Theme: Leadership just doesn’t lie in the corner office: Redefining Leadership”

The conference (in New Delhi) will deliberate on what needs to be done to create a balanced world at work and home, ensure equal pay and equal space at leadership levels for both men and women; in this age of rapid digitization, innovation and disruption.

Leadership Insights

“Mentoring is a Way of Life”.

Valuable Insights and Advice from Cathy Cardona – one of TalentNomics India’s Gender Equity Mentors (GEMs)


“The Power of Men as Allies”

3 male leaders share their shares experience of supporting and building women leaders


TalentNomics India Comments

Our take on news from the women’s ecosystem

On Supreme Court orders, female Army Officers are now eligible to hold command posts.

TN Comment - This is a momentous step for advancing women to leadership roles and will create role models for girls in the coming generations. Steps like these are needed to break streotypes imbedded in all our minds, created by generates of patriarchal upbringing.

We are already inspired by stories like that of Major General Madhuri Kanitkar who has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General - the 3rd woman in Indian Army and 1st woman paediatrician to achieve the second highest post in the force.

Budget 2020 increased its budget allocation to the Ministry of Women and Child Development by 14 percent to about Rs 30,000 crore.

TN comment - While this entails an increase in allocation to all of the Government’s social and welfare schemes, including the flagship Beti Bachao Beti Padhao schemes and Nirbhaya scheme, there was no new measures announced for attracting women into workforce or increasing economic opportunity for women. And, considering the fact that a very large part of the budget allocation for welfare schemes in the previous fiscal has remained unutilised, we are not clear how the increase in the fund will be utilized effectively. We will wait and watch and come back with more insights!

Goldman Sachs made a “diversity pledge” that from July 2020, the bank will handle IPOs for only those companies that have at least one female or diverse director (although the requirement will not apply to Boards in Asia)

TN comment - TN believes while this is a positive move in the right direction, 1 woman in a Board is just a Token, 2 is Presence and 3 is Voice.

Data and Reports We Followed

Number Crunching: Some Latest Figures on State of Women in India

150–170 million jobs can be generated until 2030 by accelerating female entrepreneurship to create over 30 million women-owned enterprises (estimated by Bain and Google in a report “Powering the Economy Report with Her”)

45% lower were the earnings of Women executive directors (EDs) compared to their male counterparts in the last fiscal year as male CEOs and CXOs took home bigger salary increments.

150th out of 193 is India’s rank on Representation of Women in National Legislature, as per Women’s Power Index.

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