Accelerating Gender Balanced Leadership - A Quarterly Tracker

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TalentNomics India

Accelerating Gender Balanced Leadership

A Quarterly Tracker

April - June 2019

Talentnomics India is helping build an ecosystem that empowers impactful and influential women in to take up leadership roles across organisations. Through this newsletter, we will track relevant updates and showcase the actions we are taking to fulfil this mission.

Tracking The Numbers

We congratulate India's newly elected Parliament and applaud the new record for women in India's political leadership. We also acknowledge that the small rise in number of women MPs from 66 in 2014 to 78 in 2019 (from 12% to 14.6% of total) indicates that there's still a long way to achieve equal opportunity for women in leadership roles. We hope that the Corporate Sector will lead the way and set an example by achieving a gender balance in leadership closer to the logical 50-50 mark - given that women still make up about 15% of Corporate Board positions and 20% of senior leadership.

Latest Research and Reports

The business case for balanced leadership grows stronger

A report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) proves that businesses with genuine gender diversity, particularly at senior level, perform better - they see higher profits, increased retention and greater levels of innovation.

Closer home, a recent study of Sri Lanka's 30 largest companies by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) shows the positive relationship between gender diversity on the board and in senior management and the financial performance of these companies (in terms of return on equity, return on total assets, and price-to-earnings ratio).

Newer challenges emerge for women in the workplace

Mckinsey Global Institute’s report warns that in the automation age, women face new challenges overlaid on long-established ones. Failing to address these transitions could worsen existing challenges

LeanIn.Org’s new survey reveals that, post #Metoo, 60% of male managers are uncomfortable mentoring, working alone together, or socializing together with women.

A new Harvard Business School study shows men are twice as likely as women to ask for work-deadline extensions – this reluctance contributes to unnecessary stress and negatively impacts performance.

Updates from TalentNomics India

“Toughest Negotiation of my life: Lessons Learnt”

The Panel of Mentors in the 3rd session of our ongoing Leadership Training Program CruciBOLD shared their experience and insights on skills and strategies women can use to negotiate for themselves to advance in the workplace, such as:

  • When you negotiate you are seen as being serious about your career – not negotiating may leave an impression that you are not ambitious.
  • Negotiate based on facts, not based on emotions.
  • Women often have a sense of relief when negotiation is over - be aware of this so as not to leave value on the table in a hurry.

Next, we will be launching CruciBOLD Ripple in July for this Cohort. The next session for this group on Impactful Communication will be held in September. Learn more about participating in or nominating women employees for our CRuciBOLD program to build a stronger pipeline of women leaders. See the Impact as noted by our past participants.

We signed an MoU with NSDC to collaborate on developing meaningful participation of women in the workforce and building a stronger pipeline of women leaders within organisations and in entrepreneurship. Connect if you would also like to partner with us

Employee Perception Survey

Would you like to undertake a Perception Survey of your employees, and get a detailed feedback report on measures you can take to attract and advance female talent in your organisation?


Latest Insights

Let motherhood be enriching and not engulfing!

On Mother's Day, we shared actionable insights for mothers to stay the course and pursue careers without drowning in dual responsibilities or wallowing in guilt of non-performance. 


5 Ways women can build equity at home and create the support they need

We feel that there’s a lot that women themselves can do to bring the change in their own homes – without waiting for men to miraculously change or for society to become supportive of their aspirations.


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