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TalentNomics India

Accelerating Gender Balanced Leadership

A Quarterly Tracker

September 2019

TalentNomics India is helping build an ecosystem that empowers impactful and influential women in to take up leadership roles across organisations. Through this newsletter, we will track relevant updates and showcase the actions we are taking to fulfil this mission.

Tracking The Ecosystem

India celebrated the launch of Chandrayaan-2- the country’s first space mission headed entirely by women and an outstanding example of great project management with efficient timelines and a slim budget. What this shows is there’s no longer any legitimate justification for India to continue to have only 15% women in its research and development workforce (vs 30% global average), just 10-12% women as teachers at scientific institutes and a negligible number of women heading scientific laboratories. Given that women now make up 43% of students at PG level and 30% of Doctoral students in Science and engineering fields – it is evident that the ecosystem is not allowing many women engineers, master’s degree holders and PhDs in science to pursue their careers any further. It is, therefore, time for all stakeholders to take the necessary steps for encouraging women in STEM to take on bigger roles and not let the age-old stereotypes push them off the ramp.

We welcome ideas and view-points on enabling the ecosystem to help more girls and women to choose and rise in STEM careers.

Research and Reports We Followed

Investing in women’s leadership

Board Experience helps women get CEO jobs, shows a new study. The suggestion for companies seeking gender diversity in their CEO ascension plans: Assist high-potential executive women in securing corporate board seats.

Empirical evaluation proves that women score higher than men on nearly every leadership skill. Women are perceived by their managers to be slightly more effective than men at every hierarchical level and in virtually every functional area of the organization -including the traditional male bastions of IT, operations, and legal.

Research byMorgan Stanley brought to light the fact that employing more women brings a stock market boost for companies globally - annual returns for businesses that employ the highest proportion of women were 2.8% higher than those for the least diverse firms over the past eight years.

Survey shows that women-specific L&D programmes enable women to grow within the organisation & contribute to growing their female leadership – and block leaky talent pipelines.

Need for Government actions to advance women

A new study titled “Gender Inclusions in Hiring in India” has found that the unemployment rate among women in India is more than double of that of men with similar qualifications - 8.7% of working-age urban, educated Indian women are unemployed while 4% of comparable men are without a job

The G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council released a Call to Action for advancing gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women.

The Council identified 79 good practices in gender equality laws in 4 sectors (violence, economic empowerment, education and health, discrimination). In particular, it calls on Governments and Country Leaders to:

  • Identify and abolish discriminatory laws
  • Enact and implement progressive legislative frameworks
  • Guarantee the necessary financing
  • Measure and report on progress

Updates from TalentNomics India

Launching CruciBOLD 2020: A Holistic Leadership Program for Women Employees

Calling organizations to nominate women employees to our cross-industry, 12-month leadership learning program comprising of leadership sessions with global leaders and one on one mentoring with an opportunity to create a ripple effect for other women. The program will commence in January 2020. Read what our past cohort members say about the program.

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“Strategy in an Uncertain World: The Art and Science of Connecting Dots & Creating Shared Value" by Niren Chaudhary” - CEO at Panera Breads, USA

Mr Chaudhary delivered the 4th session of our ongoing CruciBOLD Leadership Program. He is currently CEO of Panera Bread working out of Boston, USA. Prior to this he was COO of Krispy Kreme and has also spent 23 years with Yum Brands in a various executive position. He is recognized as an industry leader with an impressive track record of establishing brands and leading companies to achieve growth in markets around the world.” Mr Chaudhart is also a motivational speaker, a mentor and an active sponsor for inclusion and diversity. During his session, he laid down 3 key strategies to help businesses deal with growth and complexity in a VUCA world. The 3 were interestingly all about people and culture:

  • Grow people capability faster than revenue growth
  • Kill bureaucracy within the organisation
  • Focus on building a great Culture

We are delighted that our third cohort of 18 participants from 12 organizations like Yes Bank, GSK, Tata Steel, IL&FS, APL Apollo, TCNS, infoedge etc. will be graduating in December 2019.

Leadership Insights

From success to significance: Shilpa Ajwani, CEO of Unomantra

She faced many challenges as a woman but looked at them only as professional setbacks.

Having worked with and mentored thousands of women entrepreneurs, she found that the women who are successful at building their businesses are those who re “resilient, coachable, disciplined, great at relationship building, adaptable and goal oriented”.


Mentoring is a two way relationship: Nikita Singla Assistant Director, BRIEF

“I want to get into Accenture!” – that reply from her mentee came as a surprise to Nikita

As a participant in TalentNomics India’s CruciBOLD Ripple program, Nikita found that the traditional wisdom flowed from her to her mentee, but she also gained invaluable lessons from her mentee. She also learnt that one is never too young to be a mentor.


How Enabling are India’s Workplaces for Women?

We have initiated the 2019 “Perception survey of employees” to gather feedback on “women-friendliness” of workplaces from men and women in India. Get in touch to partner and join the study. The results of our 2018-19 study provided valuable insights on challenges for women employees and invisible & unconscious workplace biases they have to deal with.

Get in touch to know more about our programs for organisations and individuals.


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